JCS Refrigeration is dedicated to the proper application and service of products of all manufacturers to provide our customers with safe, reliable refrigeration systems of unsurpassed operating efficiency. Performance is our basic product, and we attain our goal of unparalleled system performance via state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment backed by our experience. Our approach to service would best be termed "holistic" as we try to resolve the root cause of system malfunction as opposed to treating symptoms.

Maintenance Plans

Refrigeration and air conditioning systems are "on duty" full time. A tailored maintenance program is the best way to assure their continued operation. Based on the physical condition and service history of your systems, and our experience with a wide range of applications, we develop a site specific plan to assure the continuous operation of your equipment with a minimum of lost time, lost product, or lost sales.

Maintenance programs consist of periodic inspections that cover all physical and operational characteristics of each element of your systems. One of the tools we regularly employ for this purpose is our thermal imaging camera which allows us to take a "heat picture" of a compressor, contactor, or other element of a refrigeration or air conditioning system and determine if temperature levels and distribution is as to be expected in a healthy system. Thermal imaging pin-points leaking valves, loose electrical connections, and other mechanical defects that may occur on an irregular basis and would be impossible to detect in any other way.

Maintenance inspection findings are recorded on our work order forms, a copy of which is left with your facility manager. At your option, these work orders may be placed on-line with access by authorized personnel through our website "Client Portal." On-line availability of work orders allows easy reference, discussion, and management of system services from any internet location and has been a convenience enjoyed by many of our clients with multiple facility locations.

JCS Maintenance Programs for Restaurants include “Guaranteed Ice”… When the recommendations of our plan are followed, we guarantee that the facility will never run out of ice. 

JCS maintenance programs prevent problems from becoming P-R-O-B-L-E-M-S, and further our goals of reducing the life cycle cost of your critical systems. We welcome the opportunity to investigate your refrigeration and air conditioning service and maintenance requirements.  You'll find it costs no more to go first class.

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