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JCS provides Design-Build construction capability for refrigeration, air conditioning, and process heat transfer projects.   Depending on the project, we may include job aspects ranging from conceptualization through commissioning. 

As a service based organization, we approach “design-build” projects from the viewpoint that initial project cost represents the Owner’s down-payment on a system he expects to use for ten years or more.  During a system’s life-cycle, the Owner may spend several times the initial cost in service, maintenance, and energy because of “economies” incorporated in the initial design.

 The JCS approach to design-build is to incorporate quality, efficiency, and serviceability into every project thus realizing the highest level of sustainability possible and minimizing life-cycle costs. 

Typical of our design-build projects is a system we developed for a fabricator of laminated composite used by the military.  The process involved the bonding of multiple sheets of composite material in presses under temperatures ranging from 250°F to 400°F.  Production requirements were that the product be rapidly cooled to facilitate handling.  Discussions with the owner allowed us to fully understand product mass flow, specific heat, and scheduling to the point where a prototype system could be developed.  Employing techniques including two-stage cooling and thermal storage, successful testing of the prototype allowed us to proceed with installation of the production system.  The end result was to allow what had been a 250 ton cooling requirement to be accomplished with a 100 ton refrigeration system which provided increased production capability at reduced energy cost. 

We welcome the opportunity to investigate the refrigeration and air conditioning requirements of your next project.

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